are you stress enough?

hey im quite stress rite now..i've wrote something for my new entry unfortunately it missing! hiew!!! if i could burnt my lappy for sure i'll do for it..arrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... i called my papa but he doesnt care..he just said "sabar la nk wat camne da nk ilang" hey..what are you talking about young should listen to me..not membebel kat i..huhhhhhh....papa im sory its hard for me to hear ur advice. the point why i post this entry jus to let u know not to embaressed you..btw i love u so much..:(


  1. 8-> yela 2 8-> da paham 8-> tp dok marah kite lak 8->hbs nak wt cmne lg 8-> klu dok stress2 leh dpt blk menda yg hilang 2 xpe gak 8->